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“Let's do some 'We shouldn't be doing this' things!”


Are you searching for an elite open-minded escort in London? Bentleys has a formidable assortment of high-end girls offering a true adult experience. Well-educated in the art of seduction and an eager mind to explore their wildest fantasies - these girls have a hunger to please your erotic taboo and release all your inhibitions. Book a Bentleys girl tonight and let her show you the many tricks she has up her satin sleeve, including her perfectly peachy A-level results.

From femme fatale to submissive maiden - we have it covered, with our exclusive cherry-picked gallery of open-minded hot girls escorts. As the saying goes “lady in the streets and freak between the sheets”, our ladies are not just smart, funny and beautiful but their objective views mean they are happy to indulge in your deepest burning desires. In fact, our open-minded girls will expertly lead the game and blow your mind with unexpected surprises to leave you weak at the knees.

Indulge yourself with a few hours or perhaps your torrid role play will propel you into the depth of the night, either way, our open-minded girls will ensure a sizzling connection between you. Rest assured this will be an electric evening that you both will enjoy - enough to steam up the windows of any high-rise.

Do not confine your fantasies to the farthest corners of your mind, they have a right to come to the fore, and tonight, with the help of our open-minded escorts, your dreams will unleash.

Open Minded Facts

  • It’s raunchy, and that’s why we like it. Doggy style has divided opinions for years. Just like marmite, people tend to either love it or hate it, because it's primal and raw... And people love it for the same reasons other people hate it.

  • Whatever your fetish is, chances are it is very common and ordinary compared to some of the most bizarre fetishes that officially exist. Just to give you a taste, there's autoplushophilia (arousal at oneself dressed as a giant, cartoon-like stuffed animal), autonepiophilia (arousal at oneself in the form of an infant), climacophilia (arousal at falling down stairs), lithophilia (arousal at stone and gravel), and that's just for starters!

  • Contrary to popular belief plenty of women enjoy and practice A* sex often and with pleasure, with a lucky few even admitting regular orgasms from it alone. So do not be afraid to suggest it tonight, she might love it as much as you do.

  • A pair of high heels may be the world's favourite fetish, according to the largest ever study of sexual kinks. Asked to name their favourite body parts, sexually speaking, 47 per cent of those asked named feet and toes.

  • The other widely shared fetish is BDSM which stands for Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism.

Many of our VIP models are available for UK and international travel, and if you are looking for an open-minded girl to accompany you on your next trip please consider one of our elite A*** rated escorts in London. Party girls, busty escorts and more - Bentleys has you covered.

Elite London Escort Agency - Bentleys of London Logo

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