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"The attitude, golden skin, ambition, sex appeal...

Thank God for Latinas!"

~J. Lo~

¡​Uno, Dos, Tres y Vive la Vida Loca Conmigo! We are pleased to introduce you to the most sensual, electric and charismatic escorts in town! Our Latin beauties are full of energy and charm, they were born to party and live life to the fullest. Our high-class escorts are like a ray of sunshine coming through the window - they are always in a good mood, and their sense of humour will surely make your day a little bit brighter.

We represent girls from all over Latin America: from Brazil to Colombia all the way down to Peru and Argentina. Latin girls are so stunning because of their mixed heritage - they have a distinctly exotic look, but you can never really tell where they are from. Some of our South American escorts have very fair complexions while others have dark skin, we have both petite and busty escorts, blondes brunettes and redheads. The one thing they all have in common is a wonderfully toned body. These girls are very active and they work out every day to keep their strong and athletic figures.

Latin women love the sun and the outdoors, you can often spot them running or doing yoga in their tight sexy outfits in Hyde Park. That's right, Latin girls love to show off their tanned sculpted bodies - why wouldn't they? Sensual and confident in their appearance, these girls know what to wear to enhance their curvaceous figures and make every girl around them jealous! Latin ladies are also known to be excellent dancers, they can dance to virtually anything while having perfect control of their physiques and their moves. They possess a natural talent and know-how to move their bodies with unparalleled grace and sensuality. They have music in their blood and will be happy to teach you anything from Salsa to Merengue to super sexy Tango!

What About Latin Girls' Personalities?

Whilst each of our girls is unique, all our Latin companions are curious, sociable and warm-hearted. They come from countries where they are used to partying all day and night like there is no tomorrow. Friendly and energetic, Latin girls can easily make friends wherever they go. We also find our ladies to be open-minded and non-judgemental; in fact, they are always up for trying new things and never take themselves too seriously. Genuine and kind, they will be able to bring out the best in you and guarantee a truly memorable encounter. No matter what you have in mind for your date, they will exceed your expectations and come up with new ideas and fun things to try together.

The Perfect Match

Meet one of our VIP escorts, let their South American spice seduce you and transform your evening into a night of passion and decadence. Give us a call to ask for a personal recommendation, we will do our very best to match you with your ideal type. Indulge in their company until the early hours of the morning, watch the sunrise from the balcony while sipping on a glass of champagne; relax and contemplate how wonderful life can be when you are in the right company!

Elite London Escort Agency - Bentleys of London Logo

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