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Paddington W2 is an area within the City of Westminster, in west London and is the main terminal train from Heathrow Airport. Consequently, in this part of town, you can expect throngs of lost American tourists trying to find out where the nearest MacDonalds is and Japanese tourists taking photographs of….well....just about anything. Paddington serves as a gateway hub to central London and the more refined areas, but dotted around W2 are usually selections of more affordable Paddington escorts, so gems can certainly be found in this area.

Nearby and well within walking distance of Paddington station, there are some of London's finest greenery, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens plus the canal barges at Regent's Canal and Little Venice where all of those lost American and Japanese tourists will inevitably end up. It can be a wonderful place to go for a stroll with your new elite escort from Bentleys.

Bentleys Of London has a breathtaking selection of escorts working in or near Paddington, and here they are:

Paddington is located in the City of Westminster, inside the innermost part of London. It is unique for the Georgian Townhouses and numerous railroads that connect to destinations across the nation. A few of Paddington’s most famous locations include the Alexander Fleming Museum, Paddington Basin Bridges, Hyde’s Park, Regents Canal, Little Venice, and many other places to explore. The Paddington Basin Bridges are a fantastic attraction to help individuals experience the unique architecture that London can offer.

Every Wednesday and Friday, Thomas Heatherwick’s Rolling Bridge performs in front of crowds of people, to show the award-winning art and design exhibition created by Heatherwick Studios. Additionally, Little Venice is an attraction that can bring people from around the world to enjoy. Little Venice is a residential neighbourhood located on a canal, giving it a similar feel to the famous town of Venice in Italy. Here, guests can enjoy the beauty and architectural design of the waterside homes and restaurants, a great place to take out your favourite trending escort for a walk and admire this place's beauty.

Another famous location inside Paddington is the Alexander Fleming Museum. At the Alexander Fleming Museum, guests can learn about the Nobel-prize-winning discovery of antibiotics, and how it changed our scientific world. Nearby, Paddington Station allows guests to easily travel to destinations throughout London and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Elite London Escort Agency - Bentleys of London Logo

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