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Why are Elite London Escorts so expensive?

Article April 2023

London is famous for many things, including rich history, shopping, entertainment, and delicious restaurants, but above all, the main attraction is the thriving adult companionship industry. Here you can find ladies of every background, nationality, origin and preference; whether you are into budget-friendly fiesta Latin brunettes or elite busty blondes from Sweden, London is your oyster. But the question on everyone's lips is, what is it precisely that sets apart "cheaper" companions from models whose hourly rates can well go into thousands of British sterlings? So, let's delve deeper into what exactly you are paying premium prices for!

Background, education and class:

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To be classed as an elite London companion the hourly rate must start at 750+ and some might argue that it's way too pricey for an hour of fun. But the aforementioned ladies are set apart by their privileged upbringing, often from the upper-middle classes which afforded them higher education, travel opportunities and the general gloss of a well-bred individual. Regardless of their nationality, more often than not, they are able to converse fluently in English plus 2-3 more languages. You can engage in stimulating conversations on multiple subjects including culture, world affairs and arts. A high-class escort, above all, is an intellectual companion ideal for longer engagements, events and business travel.

Designer wardrobes and polished appearances don't come cheap!

Article - designer wardrobe - London

Elite London companions are simply breathtaking; sophisticated and elegant, they look like models straight from the cover of the latest Vogue. But such an image doesn't transpire easily or low price! Arduous gym training, beauty salons, hair gurus, and tanning sessions all come at a cost; it is a time-consuming demanding business. Designer wardrobe is another significant expense for a VIP call girl. Ultimately, you want a lady that looks like a million dollars on your arm, to turn heads and make you an object of envy anywhere she accompanies you.

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Accommodation in Central London

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London is notorious for its high-sky rental prices, and if we venture into well-heeled neighbourhoods such as Mayfair or South Kensington, rental charges are exorbitant. Yet, when offering incall services expensive companions are always aspiring to accommodate their gentlemen visitors in the most comfortable, private fashion. For example, Escorts based in Marylebone have always cosy, quiet and well-appointed residences worth their weight in gold. Yet, when visiting your favourite escort at any location in Central London, you can always rest assured the place will be as beautiful and inviting as she is.

Constant self-development

Article - self development - London

Those ambitious ladies never stand still. Further education, seminars, online training, tantric practice study and the latest massage techniques are all part of their daily routine. To keep the gentleman interested and ensure he always comes back for more, London high-class escorts are consistently developing and upgrading their academic and manual skills. Isn't it wonderful to always be surprised and impressed with a new set of abilities that your favourite girl can show off at your next meeting?

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